Introducing the Tappers


Name: Carly Anderson
Aka: Carls Barkley, Cee'Mo Gold & "Hey you, tall girl!"
Occupation: Guidance Counselor (aka: warden, chauffeur, tutor, parole officer, seamstress & therapist)
Hometown: Westford, MA
Voice part: Alto
Carly on tap: Though her greatest childhood ambition was to be Nancy Drew, she has abandoned her dreams of fictional sleuthing for a far more practical aim: ending the cycle of poverty.  Carly is addicted to choral music. It started in high school when a friend was doing it and made her try it, "because, like, everybody's doing it." She started doing it after school, and then high school choir led to more hard-core stuff at college. Eventually, she reached rock bottom and started doing pure a cappella. Luckily, Carly is a high functioning acc-ahaulic surrounded by a supportive group of fellow Tappers who try to curb her episodes of singing in the shower. Especially duets... Carly also likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain (and maybe Jimmy Buffet, but don't tell her parents). She is very into yoga, climbing up trees, improving her ability to climb back down without assistance from the fire dept, and picture books.  She brags about her wonderful siblings and cheers for her beloved Fighting Irish. 
Favorite thing to have on tap: Tea bags and the warmth they provide, upsidown books (more satisfying to read)

Name: Mary Burke
Aka: Mar, Mary, Mary quite contrary, Mae-Mae & Swanson
Occupation: Grad student (aka lab slave)
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Voice part: Sopran-oh
Mary on tap: Mary likes brains, beer snobbery, turkey hats, salsa (the food, not the dance), chips (vehicles for salsa), and yoga (mostly for the yoga pants though). She was a child bell choir prodigy who gave up ringing with the stars to sing in her mom's children's choir. Mary was sad to leave the bells for voice but later started singing by choice in her high school a cappella group, In Essence. She has continued her singing at Oberlin College with Nothing But Treble and in graduate school with the Yale Academia Nuts.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Triscuits


Name: Melissa Czajkowski
Aka: M, Mel, MC ICU-P
Occupation: ICU Nurse, dog walker, pooper scooper
Hometown: Oxford, CT
Voice part: Team Alto
Melissa on tap: One of MC ICU-P's favorite things to do in the whole world is to snuggle up with a bowl of mac and cheese and watch Netflix movies starring Shaquille O'Neal and Danny DeVito. She also owns the entire David Hasselhoff music catalogue and has traveled to Stuttgart Germany to see him perform. She's not always a couch potato; she once performed in Rubyfruit a cappella at UConn. She also loves Bikram Yoga but can’t seem to break a sweat during class and has asked to do class in a pottery kiln. As a nurse by trade, Melissa can top any disgusting story, including the one that starts, "This one time, i pooped in the ocean!" She enjoys competitive IV insertions and trying out other people's accents.  She aspires to one day have a library in her house so she can say, "It was Colonel Mustard in the library with the candle stick."
Favorite thing to have on tap: Books and candlesticks, candle wax, a good martini


Name: Sarah Davis
Aka: Mammoth, Buscuit, Sidecar, Homer
Occupation: Orthopedic Medical Sales Rep
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT
Voice part: Alto
Sarah on tap: Sarah is the president and charismatic leader of What's on Tap. She is may be our smallest member, but she is by far the most fierce. Sarah has had a long relationship with a capella, including a 4 year fling with the Connecticut College Shwiffs before settling down with What's on Tap. She also enjoys skiing, boating, traveling, 3 toed sloths, and watching people fall.  Sarah's pointer finger is longer than her middle finger. Ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus couldn't afford her, but What's on Tap could and DID. Hep, hep, hep.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Mink Hats, Makers Mark


Name: Win Davis
Aka: Winshield, Shield, Mr. New Haven
Occupation: Non-Profit Administrator, mini mayor of New Hay
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT
Voice part: Tenor
Win on tap: Shield is the king of one-liners like, "He was harrier than Chewbacca dipped in Rogaine". Win is a proud self-taught musical prodigy. Before joining What's on Tap, Win sang with his high school chamber singers, the University of Vermont Top Cats and The Shoreline Community Chorale. Win's leisurely interests include wine and cooking with beer. Win likes to describe himself as a part-time gardener and part-time lover of bleu cheese.
Favorite thing to have on tap: The Captain's Hat and a good anchor, "Winshield" wiper fluid


Name: Alex Forte
Aka: Beat Beast, Master of Dark Things
Occupation: Razor Blade QC Technician, Special Education Teacher
Hometown: Vault 101
Voice part: Whatever you want it to be, baby. 
Alex on tap: Alex began his musical career by singing. That's it. He sang. Starting in high school, Alex began singing in musicals, receiving several reviews such as, "That's great, honey, but can you please go outside and do that?" He used this encouragement to drive him toward singing with the University of Delaware Chorale, where he moved his seat around wherever he darn well pleased. After graduating but before joining What's on Tap, Alex was part of the first ever (yet short-lived) Cat Quintet, where played the mountain lion. She did not like it very much, and you can see the scars for $1. When Alex is not beat-beasting, he is consumed by video games, comic books, TV, ritual sacrifice, and puppies. When Alex was 12, he was in an unfortunate accident involving a thrasher. His small intestine had to be replaced with a garden hose.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Reddi Whip, board games


Name: Christine Hauser
Aka: X-Bomb, X-Tine, X, Sad hep
Occupation: Therapist
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI
Voice part: Team Soprano
Christine on tap: Christine is the group's Vice President and fake choreographer. She will be going live with a website called "how to dance like you got rhythm". She has been singing ever since writing and performing a hit song at the age of 4 titled, “I love making salad”. Christine has done the classical thing with The University of Michigan's Arts Chorale, and the musical theater thing, but hasn't tried the a capella thing... until now! When Christine isn’t cuttin' a rug with What’s on Tap, she enjoys Michigan football, running, cooking, crafting with rhinestones, and medical residents. She has discovered that eating spoonfuls of peanut butter with chocolate chips is the instant fix for life's greatest challenges. You should try it.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Curlers


Name: Mike Gambardella
Aka: Mikey Claus minus the ho ho, Chinstrap, Strap, The Circumstance, a capella Gambardella
Occupation: Computer Hacker
Hometown: Gotham City
Voice part: Tenor/Fake Bass
Mike on tap: Mike is WOT's super metrosexual. He sang in the Trinity Boys' Choir in his youngin' days. He played sports for a really long time...until he won the hearts of some WOT members in a karaoke competition. Now he's back in the only game that matters- the a capella game. Mike spends a lot of time making himself "easy on the eyes" for his fellow tappers. He likes keeping his chinstrap symmetrical, working on his 6-pack (or a 6-pack), getttin' his GTL on, T-shirt time, and doing anything and everything sports. Despite Mike's super straight guy appeal, you should probably know that he loves chick flicks, heart-to-hearts, and cuddling.
Favorite thing to have on tap: 5 Hour energy drinks, Angry Bastard Ale (not unlike himself)


Name: Starry Krueger
Aka: Starbar, Luna Lovegood, Goldie Acapellocks, “Yes, Starry is my real name and not a nickname”
Occupation: elementary school teacher
Hometown: Vernon, CT
Voice part: Soprano
Starry on tap: Starry started singing after watching a Shirley Temple movie when she was four and decided she wanted to be just like her when she grew up. They both did lots of musical theatre growing up, but Starry didn't win an Academy Award by the time she turned seven. That was enough to turn her down the path toward high school a cappella with the Ransom Notes and college singing with the Skidmore Accents. Post-college, Starry flirted with the stage again, touring with the Missoula Children's Theatre, where she played a giant and a dragon in "King Arthur's Quest" and Mrs. Gepetto in "Pinocchio".  Starry also likes hiking, yoga, baking muffins, Disney movies, fairy tales, anything that sparkles, and writing picture books for Carly to read.
Favorite thing to have on Tap: Tea, sticky notes and her wand. Go Gryffindor! 


Name: Julie Levi
Aka: J-Lev
Occupation: Pediatrician, Professional cheese tester
Hometown: Long Island...that's right, all of Long Island 
Voice part: Soprano
Julie on tap: Julie's first musical debut was at the age of four years old, when she starred in The Little Mermaid on her home tape recorder and received rave reviews and several awards from her myriad of stuffed animals. Several years later, she realized that she had the power to heal children with one of her signature smiles and decided to become a pediatrician. Even with this career change, Julie kept her musical dreams alive in the All-State Choir, other (non-tape recorder related) musical theater ventures, Cornell's After Eight a cappella, and her med school a cappella group called Bicipital Groove (yes, it's real). When Julie isn't saving the world's children, she enjoys hiking up mountains, biking across the busy one-way streets of New Haven (going the opposite way, just 'cause she can), owning the black-diamond trails on her skiis, and eating cold beans out of a can in the woods (aka camping). Julie is also an incredible chef, specializing in vegan baked goods so good, they actually taste like food!
Favorite thing to have on tap: A cup of tea and organic, raw, unhydriginated, cold-pressed, whole grain, gluten-free, paleo-approved, unfiltered, all-natural quinoa flour


Name: Chris Leilehua Martin Medeiros
Aka: The Ginjah Ninja
Occupation: Digital Media Specialist/Ninja
Hometown: Kaneohe, Hawaii
Voice part: Bass + Ukelele soloist
Chris on tap: Chris hails from the tropical paradise of Hawaii, and yes he hates the cold, and yes he is cold. He bravely ventured out to the East Coast for four years of undergraduate study at Yale, during which he sang with the Yale Alley Cats...and hated the cold so much that he decided to stick around campus. When not gracing the pages of books specifically created to feature gorgeous ginger men, cooking up scrumptious and healthy treats in the kitchen, or bringing the warmth and happiness of Hawaii wherever he goes, you can find Chris defending his three-time New Haven Twerk Championship joke, this man is the three-time defending New Haven Twerk Champion. Also, grinds. Also, CHEEEHEEEE.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Scotch and chocolate, apple-bottom jeans


Name: Chloe Sloat
Aka: Rootbeer Sloat, Motor Sloat, Sloater, AC Sloater, Cloatus
Occupation: Professional Knitter and Domestic Goddess
Hometown: Westport, CT 
Voice part: Alto
Chloe on tap: Chloe is the official WOT hugger and liaison to the stars, thanks to her FAMOUS brother, Micah Sloat. (Hey Micah, if you are reading this, the members of WOT want you...I mean, it would mean a lot to Chloe if you would come to one of our shows.) Chloe began her singing career wailing to Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" at the age of 3. Since then her musical tastes have broadened. She performed in choirs and a capella ensembles during high school and college, including the Bryn Mawr College A cabellas. In her spare time she likes to sloat around- aka do nothing in the most comfortable way possible like napping outdoors, watching movies in bed and staying in pj's as long as possible.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Yarn, Giant Pixie Stix


Name: Samantha (Sam) Wallace
Aka: Wally, Walrus, Boom Boom
Occupation: Published poet/Insurance consultant
Hometown: Spare Oom, Narnia
Voice part: Soprano
Sam on tap: Sam found her singing voice at the early age of 6 years old when she found that her melodic tones could attract woodland creatures to clean her room. She has performed in multiple groups throughout her life, including a touring production of Oliver, All State Choirs, and Ithaca College's premier female a cappella group Premium Blend. Of course, none of these experiences would compare to becoming the only human member of Disneyland's Country Bear Jamboree, where she played the upright bass (terribly). After being nearly eaten by her band-mates, Sam began to travel the world, aching to fulfill her pledge to sing "Ramble On" by Led Zepplin in a bar on every continent. She is also an aspiring poet. Many of her works can be found on an internet near you!
Favorite thing to have on tap: Ginger beer, anything smothered in Tabasco sauce, and the vocal solo from Pink Floyd's "Great Gig in the Sky"


Name: Stefan Thomas Patrick Weijola
Aka: Steve, Goggles, Ben Folds stand-in #3
Occupation: Finance
Hometown: Albany, NY
Voice part: Bass not-so-secretly aspiring to sing tenor
Stefan on tap: Stefan was born into a family of business and refined taste. At an early age, he was already being groomed for musical greatness, so it is no surprise that he was chosen as a soloist in his 3rd grade music class' recorder-only performance of Iron Butterfly's "In a Gadda Da Vida". This transitioned perfectly into Stefan's musical exploits in New Haven, including being a section leader at Trinity on the Green and leading the Yale Whiffenpoofs to their performance on The Sing-Off in 2010. Stefan loves European football (or soccer to you bloody Yanks) and beef jerky, often at the same time. He goes nowhere without wearing his shinguards in the case that a match may erupt right in front of him and they need a box-to-box midfielder with some serious skills.
Favorite thing to have on tap: La Fin du Monde, Road 2 Ruin, Ten Fidy Nitro, WD-40 


Name: Wes Wright
Aka: Westenfieldshire, Wrong, Bubba, Woodsy Bear, Wes'-side, Wesley Pipes, Wes-tha-bes
Occupation: Architect
Hometown: Somewhere over the rainbow, aka: Cushing, OK (via: Charleston, SC; Omaha, NE; Groton, CT; Enid, OK) 
Voice part: Bass
Wes on tap: Wes is a professional photo stalker and has played the trumpet since 1992. Wes was also a playa...of various musical ensembles at Oklahoma State University. This one time at band camp, he [censored] with Pistol Pete. Wes makes things like illegitimate children, photography, sketch, screen-printing, 3D printing, collage, design/build, and crochet manhood warmers. Wes loves the great outdoors. He's happy working up a mean sweat while hiking, biking, kayaking, and/or snowboarding in the mountains, and dodging bullets in gun waivin' New Haven.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Craft beer from near and far, Whiskey

Name: John Yi
Aka: Quadzilla, Johnny, TwinkStar, KhaleesYi, 
Occupation: Assistant Director of Admissions, Yale University and full-time ratchet
Hometown: Princeton, NJ 
Voice part: Tenor. But sometimes bass. And alto. Rarely soprano.
John on Tap: John graduated from Yale with a B.A. in Economics, singing with the Yale Alley Cats and Whiffenpoofs in the process. However, don't let that fool you -- he is one basic betch. You can generally find him cooking low-carb meals in the kitchen dressed in nothing but skimpy undies and hi-top sneakers, killing it on leg day at the gym while listening to (and audibly singing) the latest Jessie J tune, or waving his hands around pretending to be a competent Music Director every Sunday evening dressed in a Nordic-themed onesie. The key to his heart is a photo booth involving props and a DSLR camera. That, or buffalo chicken tenders, ranch dressing optional. Ok, cool, awesome, great, k cool.
Favorite thing to have on tap: Michael Kors Watches, lululemon hoodies, seasonal skim lattes from Starbucks (no whip, obvi)